Our team

Meredith Moore
Chief Executive Officer

I started Greylake Training Solutions to empower people to feel more confident in their safety and help organizations and businesses meet their commitment to keeping a global workforce prepared to operate in an insecure world.  Our approach to training is inspired by my expertise and passions for the science of learning, psychology, and international affairs.  For 18 years I've been an education and development professional. Highlights from my career include leading the development of security training programs at the World Bank and International Monetary Fund; serving as an advisor to the United Nations on security training initiatives; developing training programs for conflict-affected students in Nepal and serving as a United States Peace Corps volunteer in China.  As CEO of Greylake, I'm living my dream by bringing creativity, new ideas, and knowledge to help our clients fulfill their responsibility to keep their workforce safe.

I've had the privilege of training thousands of people from every corner of the globe. My love for creating innovative and valuable learning experiences alongside my dedication to promoting confidence, so people feel safe is reflected in our mission at Greylake Training Solutions. 

Gordon McIntosh
Chief Operations Officer

Greylake Training Solutions is a natural extension of my lifelong practice in the safety, security, and emergency response fields.  Over more than 40 years I’ve learned that keeping people safe requires a shared responsibility.  We must be personally engaged in our own security and the best way to be empowered do so is through training.

I’ve witnessed the value of training during my career in the military and as a senior corporate security manager for the World Bank Group.  Knowing how to mitigate risk, work as a team and respond to a crisis are not inherent.  We must learn and practice these skills so, first and foremost, we avoid a crisis situation, but also know how to respond when one confronts us.  This is how I want Greylake to make a difference for individuals and organizations: the presentation of safety and security training tailored to meet the particular needs of clients, which affords them the best value for their investment.

Burke Brownfeld
Consultant Extrordinaire 

I'm a corporate security writer, speaker, and trainer, with extensive experience working, living, and adventuring in both the United States and internationally. I have worked as a police officer in Virginia, served as a regional security manager for the United States Peace Corps In Latin America, and oversaw security for the Washington DC metro system. I also have extensive corporate security leadership in the Fortune 500s. Beyond my "day jobs," I served as a Consulting Producer on the film Charm City (nominated for a 2020 Emmy Award), and delivered training on "empathetic policing" to the Baltimore Police Academy. I've also delivered a new leadership session: "Empathy: The Leadership Superpower" for corporate security leaders. I'm passionate about tackling challenges related to the criminal justice system and corporate security. 

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