High threat environment program

Business travel in an increasingly insecure, dynamic world requires awareness and preparedness. Our immersive live scenario based High Threat Environment Program is designed for your organization's mission, values, risk tolerance, operations and global footprint. This engaging, interactive instructor-led course will leave your team feeling empowered, confident and prepared to handle any emergency. A challenging three to five-day program encompassing ten to twelve modules covers; medical emergencies, security operations and threat assessments, planning and preparing for travel, vehicle and road safety,  emergency communications , the body and brain under stress , self-defense, reacting to gunfire and active shooter events, situational awareness, human behavior analysis and how to mitigate and respond to threats such as kidnapping, sexual assaults, terrorist attacks, civil unrest and unlawful arrests and detention.
This course will leave both your staff and leadership feeling ready to operate safely in some of the world's most complex and challenging environments.

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